AK Design Consulting Engineers, is an award winning multi-disciplinary Lead Design Consultancy practice employing some of the region’s top architects, engineers and designers and we strive to form and maintain strong long-term relationships with our clients, sub consultants and suppliers, working towards a shared objective to meet, and exceed on our clients visions.
AKD Feasibility Studies
An architectural feasibility study has many different facets to the study. AK Design conducts feasibility studies for projects of any size, and usually the study has very different approaches depending on the type of development objectives. Our approach begins with site evaluation and analysis to determine the suitability of the site for the project in question. Market feasibility studies typically involve testing geographic locations. Concept designs are then created in line with the aesthetic quality desired. A budget is produced based on quantifiable construction costs. Finally documents of analysis are generated, and If the project passes the architectural feasibility study it proves the project is viable on a range of fronts.

Our feasibility studies are always tailored to meet a Client’s needs. They can range from a relatively simple assessment to a complex review of different sites and potential uses. We recognize that a feasibility study is a means to an end and we aim to produce a document that is a useful tool to our Clients and will assist, and guide them through the next stages of their project.

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AKD Architectural Design
The process starts with understanding the aspirations and constraints of the client. Through listening and focused disciplined design efforts we seek to guide the client through this iterative process to arrive at an accurate & efficient portrayal of the client’s brief.

AK Design believes in delivering cost effective solutions to our clients that meet their functional and business objectives. Over the years, AK Design have completed a broad spectrum of projects which include residential, commercial, hospitality, retail and educational. Our motivation is centered on developing architecture that has identity and longevity through thoughtful use of narrative, scale, detail and material selection.

Architecture is both creative and coherent and this is where AK Design add greatest value by producing architectural designs that more than meets the client’s expectations and can stand prominent as a quality legacy of the clients vision.
AKD Interior Design
Our interior design department is a direct extension of our architectural practice and has executed award winning projects for some of the world's leading developers and corporations.

Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, communicating with the stakeholders of a project and execution of the design.

Working both independently and with the architects, the interior team consistently generate and deliver innovative design concepts. Over the past few years, our interior designers have worked across commercial, cultural, educational, government, hospitality, residential and retail markets.
AKD Structural Design
AK Design’s structural engineers provide creative, efficient, and sound structural analyses and design services for new construction, renovations, and structural upgrades. We have extensive experience in the analysis, design, project coordination, and delivery of numerous project types and structural systems and our team supports all our design projects and third-party clients.

We hold an unlimited height license in Dubai and all our designs are done in RIVIT and BIM, and our team’s expertise includes low-, mid- and high-rise construction and is available to assist clients in any capacity—whether as part of an integrated AK Design project, or as an independent consultant.
AKD MEP Services
AK Designs Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing services is a significant component in all our projects. Our MEP engineers provide pre-design, developed design and consulting services.

Our design approach to our client’s briefings is innovative and integrated. We support the latest technologies to improve performance and sustainability. Using advanced modelling techniques, we can analyses the building and floor layouts. The systems we specify on our clients are pre-designed, developed design and consulting services for the building systems to ensure adequate integration into the building fabric of the structure.
AKD Master Planning
AK Design believe that master planning should produce a flexible development framework that allows for strategic implementation and phased development. Architectural master planning is a critical first step in the design process. Effective master planning requires extensive experience by the lead architect. As part of our design process we carefully analyze the attributes of the site and identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as they relate to potential scenarios.

Creating a master plan is an economical investment that ensures both accurate and functional decisions are made in each stage of the project development. We at AK Design undertake a process that determines urban goals and aspirations and must be both visionary and practical in order to meet diverse commercial and community needs to achieve full development potential. To meet these objectives, we combine analysis of the policy, planning and physical issues with a practical understanding of financial cost and phasing implications.
AKD Landscaping
Landscape architecture has the influences communities and cities. Whether it’s to promote healthy lifestyles, or extending neighboring architecture to create a cohesive unified theme, or designing a public space that serves as a focal point for a community.

At AK Design, we design landscapes that are both feasible and adaptive focal points, and our landscape designs consider materiality, plant specification, grading, vehicular and pedestrian circulation. Documentation and specifications follow international standards.
AKD Tender Services
We prepare the Tender Documents and tender the project. By evaluating the Tender prices and providing the Tender Analysis report, AK Design supports the client’s effort to select the most qualified contractor with the most reasonable price to construct the project. The services we offer include:

• Value Engineering
• Pre-qualification, Qualification & Tendering
• Packaging the tenders to have cost optimization
• Tenders Evaluation
• Negotiation with supplier and contracts
• Post contracts services
AKD Construction Services

Project management from AK Design offers comprehensive pre-construction planning, Enabling and Main Works supervision together with comprehensive inspections for every phase of the project through the Defects Liability Period.

Our project management and construction supervision team understand construction methodologies from the macro level to the micro level and guide your project to successful completion on time, to budget and in compliance with the relevant quality standards.