Architectural Design
Green Community, Dubai
Mittal Contracting
8,760 Sq.Mt

With the detailed drawings finalised and approved on the Lakeview Apartments, the client has now proceeded to construct a quality residential building on their centrally located 6,500m2 plot of land in the Green Community. The building height profile was initially set at G+3 during the early design stage but AK Design was instructed by the client to add an extra floor level in order to maximise the commercial potential of the project without unduly compromising the low density of the development and it’s appeal to the targeted investment market. We achieved approval for the extra floor and now a G+4 building at it’s highest point is being erected on site.

The façade and general architectural language has been designed to be sympathetic with the surrounding buildings which have a traditional Mediterranean style. However, we have been permitted to adopt a level of modernity with clean architectural lines to give the project a level of individuality within the already built community. One challenging design aspect has been to modulate the structural grid so as to facilitate the use of precast concrete components during the construction phase. Most of the units have either park, lake or courtyard views where the outdoor swimming pool and gardens are located.

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