Zabeel Feedmill Complex
Architectural Concept Design
Dubai, UAE
Meydan Group LLC
19,000 Sq.Mt

With only a desertscape to play with the design of the Feed Mill became purely process driven. In this way the circulation strategies became the main focus, the ease of circulation of the heavy vehicles, the safety of the pedestrians, the security of the customers, and the efficiency of the processes within.

A central one way heavy vehicle circulation street has been used to organise the buildings in a simple linear fashion and is seen as a 'boulevard' - vibrant with activity, pedestrian friendly and heavily landscaped, the heart of the development. Secondary light and service vehicles circulate on the periphery and never cross the boulevard. The linear arrangement of buildings evoke the production processes taking place within the facility and organise themselves around the central street according to function, grey incoming goods on the western side, and clean outgoing products on the eastern side.

The main processing plant, an architectural volume 40m x 30m x 30m was placed carefully to signal the facility to the highway running nearby. Carefully lit at night, this building would be a striking beacon in the desert.

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