Offshore Island Resort
Master Plan & Architectural Design
Dubai, UAE
Meydan Group LLC
18,835 Sq.Mt
Mixed Used & Hospitality

Master plan concept design for a new Boutique Hotel and associated facilities located on one of Dubai’s offshore islands.

The L-shaped form of the island naturally divides the master plan along two axes. The central, longer axis guides the smooth transition between public and private spaces, from the club house and active marina promenade with restaurants and small boutiques, past the hotel and private chalets and towards the northern tip of the island where luxury serviced villas and their private moorings are hidden amongst the palm trees. The second axis along the shorter wing of the island acts as a buffer between the “beach” and “forest” landscape. Here the “forest” provides a long, idyllic landscaped introduction to the island for guests coming in by road, whilst also hiding services and providing protection to the beach beyond.

The western tip of the island houses a signature restaurant with unrestricted sunset views across the sea and back towards the Dubai skyline. An infinity day pool and sundowner pavilion are also located here, providing refreshment at the end of a scenic beach walk.

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