Dammam Residential Compound
Master Plan & Architectural Design
Dammam, KSA
40,000 Sq.Mt

The plot is thought of as a township in microcosm. The ‘centre’ contains the retail & administration components, shared ‘public’ space, an axial relationship with the entrance, a plaza at its core and a defining circuit of road with parking around it. It is the heart and hub of the development.

Flanking this town centre is the ‘urban fringe’ - two further sub-plots encircled by road and parking. These sub-plots contain high density cluster townhousing (apartments and cluster villas around a semi-private courtyard) and the clubhouse with its associated outdoor amenity spaces. These flanking sub-plots are linked to the town centre by a chain of planted walkways and mews – acting like arteries from the town centre heart to connect the life blood of social interaction and movement through the compound.

Together these three sub-plots form the urban portion of the development and are encircled by a ‘ring road’ of boulevard style circulation with parking. Simultaneously this ring road acts as a natural separator between the urban and the ‘suburban outskirts’ on the other side of the road.

The ‘suburbs’ consist of semi detached villas each with their own substantial plots of land and on-plot carport parking. Privacy for the villas is ensured by the provision of rear garden areas, which are defined by the necessary 6m set-back zone around the plot perimeter. The villas are generally 3 bedrooms with larger 4 bedroom villas sprinkled throughout. In totality, villa occupants marry the advantages of independence and privacy offered by suburban living with the sociability and activity enjoyed by those living in the more urban quarters.

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