Reem Island Marina
Master Plan & Architectural Design
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Applied Technology & Management Inc.
4,590 Sq.Mt
Mixed Used & Hospitality

Prima facie the marina has the functional purpose of mooring boats in return for rental income. However it’s wider purpose is much grander. It is a ‘binder’; it is the tangible civic realm of the scheme – the literal and figurative centre of the overall master plan.

Any vision for the marina master plan must take cognizance of the established goals and directions set out in the overall master plan. The marina master plan must reinforce and enhance these objectives to bring success to both master plan parts and thus boost all available revenue streams. The full potential for this development will be reached by focusing on the marina design as 'place making' and 'space making'. Although important, this project is neither primarily about object buildings nor about the pragmatics of a functioning marina.

It is about creating a memorable beloved civic space with atmosphere, from which economic success will subsequently flow.

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