Hotel Spa
Interior Design & FF+E Selection, Construction Documentation
Abu Dhabi, UAE
1,800 Sq.Mt

The narrative behind the interior design for the SPA is formed from ‘The Journey to Liwa’

The elements associated with this journey are what make it into a memorable experience, and are translated into the interior scheme.

Inspiration was found in the beautiful forms of the dunes, both elegant and smooth as well as strong and textural together with the built elements and structures both of now and times past along the journey to Liwa.

These elements influenced the design of the spaces and choice of materials which are then translated into the design concept.

Inspiration is also derived from the transition and gradual change of these elements over time. The rich colours and their transformation from gold to a warm bronze, and the glowing effect that the light has as the day passes, was key to the ambient lighting design and the reflection of light in the spaces.

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