DIFC Office
Concept Design
Dubai, UAE
1,270 Sq.Mt

Winner of the Decade of Design Competition for “Best of Category/Corporate Space - Small” 2010

AK Design were tasked with creating a unique office environment which communicated the Client’s strategy to maintain growth in today’s challenging business environment by creating an atmosphere that portrayed a symbol of dynamism and movement within a static setting.

Applying the characteristics of Middle Eastern origins and its environmental backdrop, a scheme was developed which encapsulated the diversity of the desert landscape, the fluidity and contours of static and non static materials together with the emulation of tidal qualities through light, a perception of growth and energy was created within the space.
Blending natural materials including timber, slate, glass and natural desert sand with contemporary finishes such as monolithic applied mineral flooring helped to portray the contours and surfaces of the natural environment. A mixture of classic and modern furniture with rich Middle Eastern accents and innovative design features concludes the subtle palette within this exclusive office space.

By creating such a unique interior office environment that is both contemporary and energetic, yet elegant and timeless in its complexity, according to IIDA Award Panel, the designs which won the Decade of Design Competition were honoured for their projects which “evoke a sense of the future while incorporating beautifully restrained, yet worldly and luxurious palates.”

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