Smart City Malta
Interior Design, MEP, FF+E Selection
Valletta, Malta
Smart City Malta
4,900 Sq.Mt
2009 - 2012

The island of Malta is at the strategic crossroads of the established European market and the rapidly growing North African market. We chose the concept of Crossroads as the starting point for the interior design.

Combinations of carefully selected materials are used to express the notion of intersection, meeting, passing within the Maltese locality in terms of:

- Technology + History
- Contemporary + Traditional
- Land + Sea

The interior design, as with the architecture, takes its cues from traditional Maltese architecture and heritage together with the idea of seeing Malta as a contemporary leading edge Technology Village. With this is in mind, the design elements are simplified and stylized to create an environment that successfully bridges the simple, clean lines of contemporary design with the more ornate style of the Maltese architecture. A Juliette balcony is integrated in to the lobby area as an abstract representation of this traditional Maltese architecture. The main reception wall is a contemporary take on the traditional buttress wall at the ocean’s edge, the smooth flowing timber element above akin to an ocean wave, accentuates the proportions of the space and represents growth, technology and movement. Contemporary sculptural seating was selected to contribute to the overall composition of this dramatic space.

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