Caparol Office
Interior Design & FF+E Selection, Construction & Tender Documentation, Site Administration
Dubai, UAE
1,200 Sq.Mt
Completed 2012

The narrative behind the interior design for Caparol’s Dubai office is a contemporary fusion of Arabic design language and Caparol’s ‘Colour, Structure, Surface’ products.

The arrival space is a place for first impressions and sets the ambience for the whole experience. 

Two marketing meeting rooms are positioned as colourful beacons either side of the main entrance and each is given a theme to engage a Caparol colour and texture direction.

The first meeting room has been themed ‘The Aviary’ and is inspired by the pearlescent colours and textures found with exotic birds plumage. Colours range from electric blues, turquoise, jade greens with sparks of vibrant yellow.

The second meeting room is themed ‘The Sugar Lounge’ inspired by a fine French patisserie and its luxury macaroons, sweets, packaging and decorative silverware.

The theme of the Cafe is inspired by Moroccan interiors and features warm oranges, reds and browns. We wanted to make a great space for that could be enjoyed by Caparol’s staff and used for informal meetings as well showcasing colour themes to visiting Clients.

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