Saadiyat Beach Marina Village Residential Apartments
Efficiency Evaluation, Interior Design, FF+E Selections.
Abu Dhabi, UAE
TDIC (Tourism Development & Investment Company)
13,730 Sq.Mt
June 2010

The Saadiyat project comprises of residential, community, nursery and commercial facilities. We set out to create an interior design of place, people, the past and the present, drawing on the inspiration of the local maritime industry of pearl diving.

Qualities of traditional boats, maritime weathering and the materiality of sand and pearls have been translated into the interior finishes for the residential component of the Saadiyat scheme. The residential lobby tells the tale of a dhow ship carrying a treasure of pearls. Contemporary timber ribbing bends around the double height walls and miniature LED pearlescent lights are suspended in the voluminous space.

The chosen apartment finishes are both user conscious and budget friendly. Wired balustrades like tensioned sail ropes, aged timber features and end-grain flooring reflect the weathered dhow ships that once featured heavily in the region. Shiny finishes and accent walls of crushed stone are reminiscent of sand and pearls.

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