Fashion Designers Villa
Structure, Architecture & Interior Design.
Al Khawaneej, Dubai
1,570 Sq.Mt
June 2011

Islamic Architecture has been called the 'architecture of the veil' because the beauty lies within the interior spaces, courtyards and rooms which are not visible from the outside. This private residential villa is a modern interpretation of the traditional Arabic courtyard house.

While the exterior is a simple rectilinear volume, the interior is a composition of rectangular utility blocks that subdivide the larger living spaces in which they sit. The main rooms are divided by smaller rooms, not by walls and not by doors. The client had specifically requested no jointing or tiles, skirtings, architraves, access panels or framing. In other words that the finishes must appear homogenous and seamless. The floor plan is punctuated by several courtyards that bring natural light deep into the house. The inwardly orientated design ensures complete privacy for the local family, eliminating any overlooking from neighbours or passersby, as in traditional Islamic architecture.

The villa comprises many water features, a lap pool and lower ground spa, a library, private office, games room and pool room. A guest suite is also provided as well as three bedroom suites each with their own private lounge and sun terrace.

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