Siemens LLC HQ Masdar City
Masdar City, Abu Dhabi
Siemens LLC
12,000 Sq.Mt
May 2012

The interior design for Siemens Masdar headquarters is inspired by the scale of influence of the Siemens brand worldwide. From individual contributions to the collaboration of many, staff are part of Siemens which together create something bigger which is testimony to the influence of it's products and services globally. From the astronomically huge to the atomically tiny, we looked at these scales to generate a concept for the variety of collaborative and individual workplace environments that would be found in Siemens Masdar headquarters that mirror experiences at these scales.

Insired by the micro scale, the Launch Pad is a microcosm of the activities and spaces found on the upper floors of Siemens new headquarters. Rather than a transition space or waiting area, the reception area is enlivened and becomes a destination in itself. For informal meetings and gatherings, the Launch Pad houses transitional work spaces and public meeting zones without the need to transport guests through the upper floors. It is also used as a gallery, displaying the history of the Siemens brand as well as providing a showcase for new Siemens products.

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