G+5 Residential Developments
Architectural Design
Motor City, Dubai
Union Properties
45,000 Sq.Mt

In order to create a distinct springboard for the architectural design of this project, AK Design was invited to take precedent from the well known and historic Greek Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The spirit and architecture of the Cyclades islands has grown organically over time, so too does the shaping and topography of the project site demand a rambling architecture which in turn provides an inherent intimacy and sense of community. The scale and massing for this residential scheme can be seen as directly analogous to many of Dubai's new urban fringe lifestyle developments.
With this inspiration, we challenge ourselves to create a contemporary building that caters for a modern lifestyle yet is rooted in a vernacular idiom. The overall master plan aims to address the local environment in terms of orientation and material selections while creating the essence of community through a series of more intimate external 'squares' or traditional gathering points typical of it's Greek inspiration referenced above.

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