Meydan Retail Centre
Architectural Design
Meydan Heights, Dubai
Meydan Group LLC
3,780 Sq.Mt
Detailed Design

In order to create a sense of community in a growing residential district, Meydan appointed AK Design as the lead architectural consultants to design a Retail Centre to cater for the needs of the local Meydan Heights villa inhabitants. The resulting design solution represents a minimalist and contemporary series of interlinked building blocks. The scale and height of the Retail Centre at G+1 is suitably discreet with an overall massing that harmonises with the adjacent housing terraces of similar height. The blocks are arranged to form internal courtyards, climatic protection and generate environmental diversity as visitors navigate through the complex.

Colonnaded facades have been formed at ground floor level around the perimeter of the Retail Centre to provide pedestrian shading and encourage comfortable business footfall to the various food and retail outlets. Apartments have been added above the shops due to sector demand and for improved development commercial objectives. Other architectural features include punctuated main elevations, bridge links and residential balconies at first floor level, pedestrianized plaza and easy access to car parking. Our scope obligations also includes structural engineering, building services, interior design for public spaces, landscape.

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