OIA Residential
Interior Design
Motor City, Dubai
Union Properties
45,000 Sq.Mt
Site Construction

In order to develop an overall holistic design solution which reflects the precedent Greek Islands inspired architectural facades, our interiors team continued this visual narrative within the building itself. Equally, the interior design required theme related material schemes which are deemed to be appropriate for one of the city’s new urban fringe lifestyle developments. By creating an environment which is rooted in a vernacular idiom, a more unique ambience emerges which gives the residents a sense of place and belonging. This strategy satisfactorily completes the three main development components of architecture, interior and landscape with its own series of external squares or gathering points which is typical of its Greek Island village community inspiration.  

The interior design revolves around the use of blue and orange colour shades, textured stone, brickwork, patterned fabrics and terrazzo all used in a contemporary manner. The double height entrance experience combines the use of natural light, traditional floor patterns and whitewashed bricks with the more structured elements of the reception desk and lighting troughs. Character is added by the use of painted timbers, random wall mosaic sparkle and copper light pendants. Within the apartments themselves, the kitchens are suitably contemporary with wide cabinetry doors, stone counter tops and wood floors. Living areas and bedrooms are designed in a modern style but augmented with the use of rustic timber furnishings, colourful fabrics and rugs.    

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